Higher Education Close Up 10: Critical approaches to close-up higher education research

Am 05.07.2021 - 07.07. in Lancaster
Lancaster House Hotel, Green Ln, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4GJ, Vereinigtes Königreich
Veranstalter: Lancaster University
Kategorie: Tagung


The theme is intended to open discussion around multiple understandings of criticality in close-up higher education research.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of critical theory and/or critical pedagogy as a lens through which to engage with research into higher education. Equally it refers to taking a critical stance in terms of a questioning approach to the research processes themselves and towards the broader social framework in which higher education is situated. The theme raises questions about how we conduct such close-up research in a time in which higher education itself, and the practices and values of the academy, are subject to critique and challenge.  How do we demonstrate critical reflexivity as close-up researchers in a time of ‘fake news’ and challenges to the role of expert knowledge? In what ways is a commitment to critical approaches a necessary feature of the fine-grained, nuanced research that defines the ‘close-up’ approach, in contrast to other forms of research?  Finally, we should consider the relationship between close-up research and more macro perspectives: understood through the lens of criticality what are the tensions between them and in what ways may they be complementary (this thread also encompasses the notion of interdisciplinarity and what it means to adopt a critical interdisciplinary approach). Each of the keynote speakers has provided a think piece, which raises questions about different aspects of this theme.  We ask that conference participants submit proposals for papers that in some way respond to these questions that that an interactive conversation can develop before, during and, we hope, after the conference.


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