SAVE THE DATE: 29th ICDE – World Conference on Online Learning

Am 18.10.2021 - 21.10. in Natal
Natal, Brazil
Veranstalter: International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)
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ICDE’s Countdown to 2030: Reiterating Commitments and Redefining Routes


1. Learning Changes: Flexibility, Accessibility, Scalability, Quality Assurance for Changing Times.

2. Learning Futures: (R)Evolutions for Open and Online Education and the Next Generation Learning Ecosystems.

3. Learning for Healthy Lives and the Well-being at All Ages: The Role of Open and Online Learning.

4. Learning Impact: Research, Innovation, Ethics, Transparency and Benchmarking in Online Education.

5. Learning Connections: Cutting-edge Approaches to Lifelong Learning.

6. Learning Recognition: Open Pathways and New Credentials for Changing Times.

7. Learning Metrics and Data Analytics: Experiences That Count.

8. Learning Leadership: Authentic, Employability, Social on Open and Online Learning.

9. Learning Openness: Access, Source, Data, Science and Educational Resources.


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