Call for Papers: ZFHE 16/3 – Cultivating a culture of experimentation in higher-education teaching and learning: Evaluation of recent experiences and transfer to the new-normal

Am 30.04.2021
Veranstalter: Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung
Kategorie: Call for Papers


The 2020s started off with a bang in tertiary teaching and learning: A global pandemic forced higher education institutions across the globe to change their everyday teaching and learning practices towards remote, online modes of instruction. On the one hand, the emergency-remote approach (e.g., HODGES et al., 2020) ensured continuing teaching and learning in 2020, however in same places and situations with a loss in teaching and learning quality (as indicated, e.g., by the loss of a sense of community among students, e.g., MEANS et al., 2020). However, the situation in spring 2020 offers a proof of concept that change in higher education, rough or not, is possible. Many instructors, study program representatives and educational developers were forced to spontaneously develop new online or hybrid course formats. Most institutions reacted fast, they made fundamental and large-scale digitalization efforts, and in hindsight, the changes were largely adaptive (e.g., MARINONI, VAN’T LAND, & JENSEN, 2020). Thus, this experiment resulted not only in enhanced infrastructure but also in innovative new course concepts using for instance, flipped classroom or blended learning approaches. These experiences and research on change and development in higher education (e.g., BRAHM, JENERT & EULER, 2016; EULER & SEUFERT, 2007) lead us to explore and think further: Do the big changes in higher-education teaching and learning necessitate external forces? And how can we foster an environment of experimentation and trying out new ideas under conditions of the new normal?

Up to now, what is left widely open is a systematic review and evaluation of recent experiences in order to harvest insights for future changes in higher education. To address these open questions, we are happy to invite researchers and practitioners in the field of Educational/Faculty Development and Higher Education Research across national borders to contribute to this special issue.

In our view, some of the perspectives relevant to these issues may be (not an exhaustive list):

  • How can past, current and future teaching and learning practices be systematically be evaluated, for instance, using the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and similar approaches?
  • How can curriculum and study program-related development activities be institutionalized?
  • What are institutional strategies and leadership approaches to foster a culture of experimentation?
  • What do teaching and learning cultures in higher education look like and how did they change in the light of the recent changes in teaching and learning?
  • What educational and faculty-development practices including the Scholarship of Educational Development and similar approaches are supportive of an innovation-oriented culture?
  • Which approaches to change and innovation are relevant for higher-education teaching and learning?

We would like to invite contributions that use these perspectives to explore and further develop the culture of experimentation in higher-education teaching and learning. We are in particular looking forward to contributions connecting different perspectives.


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