Motivation of and support from emplyoers concerning the implementation of part-time studies from vocationally trained it worker.

Herausgeber*in(nen): Linke, Knut; Städler, Michael; Zobeltitz, André & Blochberger, Eva
Jahr: 2017
Publikationstyp(en): Empirisches Dokument
Themen: Anrechnung/Anerkennung, Theorie-Praxis-Verzahnung, Zielgruppen
Projekte: Open IT


This paper aims to increase the understanding of the relationship between employers and employees in the IT sector in terms of professional development and Higher Education (HE). The main focus of this article is to gain an insight into how employers and employees cooperate with each other in the selection and support of vocationally trained IT workers who want to qualify themselves through University Life Long Learning (ULLL) at Higher Education Institutions (HEI). For HEIs the outcome is the added value presented by a deeper understanding of the target group of employees and corporate support of higher education. The theoretical background provides an introduction to the existing research of labour market behaviour, human capital management and segmentation of the IT labour market. Firstly, the field of vocationally trained IT worker in Germany was empirically analysed through an online survey and standardised telephone interviews. Secondly, standardised telephone interviews and additional interviews with decision makers were conducted to gain deeper business insights. Qualitative and quantitative questions were combined to create a specific research method for each target group: the employees and the employers. The full results indicate varying degrees of support of skilled workers and that the majority of the researched companies which employ vocationally trained IT workers do not have standardised processes for HE. From these results one may conclude that there is a high need for HEIs of gaining a deeper understanding about how employees and employer interact regarding the usage of ULLL. The article closes with a conclusion and recommendation to increase the understanding of the connection between employees and employers regarding the professional development of vocationally trained employees.


Linke, Knut; Städler, Michael; Zobeltitz, André & Blochberger, Eva (2017). Motivation of and support from emplyoers concerning the implementation of part-time studies from vocationally trained it worker. Mainz: eucen.

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