Trends in Learning report 2020.

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Herausgeber*in(nen): The Open University
Jahr: 2020
Dokumenttyp: Graue Literatur
Publikationstyp(en): Theoretisches Dokument,Empirisches Dokument
Themen: Bedarfsanalyse/Nachfrageanalyse, Digitalisierung


Workplace learning is constantly evolving. That is why every year we track what’s new and what’s changing, identifying what we think are the most important and interesting developments. We share those developments with the business community in our annual workplace learning reports, which we have been producing since 2012. In this year’s report, Trends in Learning 2020, we have identified four key trends that we think are shaping the future of learning. They are: AI in education/learning, learning through open data, engaging with data ethics and learning from animations. By researching and analysing these trends and sharing our findings in our reports, we enable businesses to keep abreast of how learning is changing as the change is happening. This helps organisations to ensure their learning provision is current, relevant and effective, leading to the best possible outcomes. Organisations can and do use our research and analysis to inform their learning strategy going forward.


The Open University (2020). Trends in Learning report 2020. Milton Keynes, UK. Abgerufen von

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