European Skills Agenda for Sustainable Competitiveness, Social Fairness and Resilience.

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Herausgeber*in(nen): Europäische Kommission
Jahr: 2020
Dokumenttyp: Graue Literatur
Publikationstyp(en): Theoretisches Dokument,Praxisorientiertes Dokument
Themen: Anrechnung/Anerkennung, Digitalisierung, Governance, Kompetenzorientierung


The novel Skills Agenda delivers on the European Pillar of Social Rights and notably its first principle spelling out the right to quality and inclusive education, training and lifelong learning. It is also firmly anchored in the European Green Deal, new Digital Strategy, and the new Industrial and SME Strategies as skills are key to their success. Moreover, it also supports the proposal for a Council Recommendation on a “Bridge to Jobs – reinforcing the Youth Guarantee” which the Commission has adopted today and takes account of the findings of the recent Report on the Impact of Demographic Change. The New Circular Economy Action Plan and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 also highlight the key role of skills in the transition to a green economy. It inter-links with other policy initiatives that support the lifelong learning approach. It will be followed by further proposals providing a new impetus in the field of education, in particular an initiative making the European Education Area a reality by 2025 through bringing down barriers across the Union to learning and promoting innovative and inclusive education and training for all. The European Research Area also promotes up- and reskilling of talent especially in academia. Together, these initiatives will help build a culture of lifelong learning in Europe, foster a demand-led approach to strengthening cooperation with industry and boost the employability of citizens.


Europäische Kommission (2020). European Skills Agenda for Sustainable Competitiveness, Social Fairness and Resilience. Internet. Abgerufen von

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